I don't know what's going on

I was dating a much younger girl I met on the train. We hit it off great and really liked each other. It got messed up because of a number of items but I ended up not speaking to her> she texted me a few times and then we started to talk again in the winter. She then started to tell me she was dating a guy on the train and sat with him. I was incredibly hurt. She ended it with him and we started to talk again but she was pretty mean and nasty so we had a heated discussion and we stopped speaking again. 6 wks later she starts showing up at my gym in the am. we talk a little but I am still pretty hurt. She then gets another boyfriend puts it on Facebook for me to see but still is showing up at the gym. She then starts walking by me unpurpose but ingores me and won't say hi. On the st she passes me and then slows down but won't say anything. I really care for her and miss her a lot but I am so confused about her behavior. She acts like she is really mad at me, won't look at me but still shows up places. I figure if she really didn't want to see me she would never show up. Totally lost

We start to speak. Every time she brings up boyfrend. I don't react. I get her a pair of yanks tix & tell her I am going to be there. She says she is bringing her boyfriend. I get upset & she claims she is madly in love after dating 2 mos and wants to get married etc. I profess my deep love etc ( why not) and she says I should move on. I agree say I am already seeing someone thx.. next day I ignore her in gym and take an earlier train to avoid her. She gets on it & sits with me chattng away!


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  • Well how Long was you two dating over 3 months the 3 month Mark? It sounds to be like she is playing games. But since I don't know how Long you two was together or what broke you two up I don't know if she is angry and just playing games. However life is tooo short to be tangled up with a game player...whatever her reasons please date other girls and don't wait for her please. Now I been in a 15 year relationship with someone I been trying to figure out. Don't do what I did. If you have to worry about every little thing They say or do or try to read them cause They Won't tell you what's going on Its a bad waste of time. Please date and find someone who will not play games.

    • We dated from feb-June. we rode the train together every am and sometimes in the eve. I got frustrated and kind of disappeared sat in anohter car didn't text her. Then in dec I started to talk to her again and sit with her. Now she sees me but plays the I don't see you but I go out of my way for you to see me. If she really didn't want to be around me just disappear. She is very angry with me said I used her and tired to embarras her. I have no idea what that comes from but totally not true

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  • It seems that she really lose interest with you since there are this heated arguments between the two of you. You should just move on and find another woman.

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