I just need to get this off my chest...

So I have a crush on this guy in my professional fraternity. He is starting to sort of date another girl, which sucks. So a couple weekends ago we were at a party with my frat and I got drunk and ended up pretty much being this other guy's beer pong groupie and we hung out all night and whatever, but we didn't hook up or anything. I find out today that this other guy and the girl my crush is sort of dating went out during the fall. I don't really know if I'm interested in this guy or not since he's quite a bit older than me, but is there some sort of protocol for what I'm supposed to do here? Like, I'm a little pissed that she seems to get to every guy I'm even kind of interested in. :p


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  • be the more mature women and just rise above it all by moving on. you are more beautiful than she will ever be because she is a slag

    • Yeah, THAT'S a little harsh considering you know NOTHING about the other girl. She's a slag because she's hooked up with two guys as far as you know? I guess with that kind of math, half the male population could be practically prostitutes (minus the money).

  • If you feel like you're losing the guy, then just move on. There are still a lot of guys who can make you happy.


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