Did I do anything wrong?

I hung out with this guy this weekend... And I'm not sure whether it was a date or not, but I haven't seen him in person since last year, but I've been texting him since November. We went to a movie, and he showed up late because he was mowing the lawn, but he apologized. And then we made really awkward conversation. And he was like, 'I thought you were taller than this', but then he said that its fine if the girl is shorter... Then my mom came, and I said "got to go, bye", and walked away really fast. I texted him after, because I thought I might have been rude... And I said "so yeah...That was fun :) ", but he hasn't replied. I haven't tried to contact him either since Sunday.

I'm not sure if he liked me too, but he he was usually the one who texted me first, and he wanted to take me snowboarding, but I said no (cause I don't like exercise lol) and I suggested a movie instead, and he was like sure. Also the movie we watched, he'd already watched it with his friends, but he went again with me...And he'd message me stuff like "sweet dreams" and lots of emoticons and wonky faces and stuff... I'm just wondering what went wrong. Or whether I'm just not his type...

So do you guys think I should try texting him again, or should I wait and see if he texts me?


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  • he's interested.


    1) willing to do some other event (movie instead of snowboarding)

    2) willing to watch a movie he already watched

    3) emoticons, etc. I'm not sure about girls, but guys don't ever do this with other guys. we do this to mimic girls who text like this to show our interest.

    You technichally didn't do anything wrong but I'm pretty sure he thinks you're not interested, which you are. you had to go because your mom came. its possible he thinks you just wanted to get out of there.

    also the convo was awkward means he thinks maybe HE messed up and YOU re not interested anymore. also like girls we re taught to reply slowly and ignore some texts to not seem desperate. and your text so yeah that was fun ... sounds like you re trying to be nice instead of sounding interested. and what kind of response would he give to that anyway? he prob thought a response wasn't necessary and make him seem despearate I wouldn't respond to that either


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  • Maybe you're just not his type or he thought you looked different than he remembered. I'm not totally positive about this because that is kind of odd.

    • I guess... I do have him on Facebook, but you can't really tell what anyone looks like from fb pics anymore. I did get braces in the past year though, so maybe that's the problem? He didn't bring it up or anything though.

  • There's really nothing wrong. It seems that things just got awkward because your conversations were awkward when you met in person.

    • So... do you think I should text him "hi" or something? Or should I do anything at all?

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  • i think he isn't into you

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