Do you think he'll leave her for me?

Generally, if a guy will leave his girlfriend for you, he'll probably leave you for someone else too, but this guy is hard to read!

A couple of weeks ago, I had some flirty conversation with a cashier at a local sandwich shop, and gave him my number. He texted me almost immediately while still on his shift, and we hit it off. We have a lot in common and he frequently acknowledges that.

After a few days of talking, I invited him over and made him dinner. We had great conversation and an instant connection. As we were putting away our dishes, we locked eyes and he kissed me. After asking him if he had a girlfriend (he said he did not,) we ended up making out for awhile and then he went home.

This continued for several dates and soon he wanted to meet my friends and some of my family.

He compliments me like crazy, we see each other almost every day, he calls me by cute pet names, tells me he loves my body and my personality with it, &that I'm perfect &beautiful and he gives me presents because "it made me think of you, and you're worth it!"

He texted me the other night after our date, and he said "next time we're together I need to spill my guts out to you, you're so perfff ugh!" so we got together again the next day. He brought me cookies (obviously to cushion the blow) and looks me in the eyes and says he has to tell me something. He said he was trying to be real and honest because he knows that's the only way I can respect a person, and tells me he actually has a girlfriend.

I pushed him away and, in anger, told him not to talk to me until he decides what he wants.

We cooled off after not talking for a day, but the morning after that I texted him and suggested that we should talk. He said he'd like that and now we're going to the lake on Saturday to talk. What should I expect to happen? Should I just let go or do you think he wants to feel me out and make sure I really like him before leaving his girlfriend? I don't know I'm really bad at reading people and could definitely use the help. Any and all answers appreciated, xoxo

okay I hear you guys and that's why I prefaced my question with that statement. obviously I know how most guys work in this situation, but if he was really happy in his relationship why wouldn't he be spending all that time with her?
also I have way too much pride to let him be friends with benefits with me and be with his girlfriend at the same time. I'm not a sl*t. I cut him off when he told me the truth.
Hey guys we've been dating nine months and are moving in together. Guess there's always the exception to the rule, and I hit the jackpot by finding him.


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  • listen if he cheated with you he will cheat on you and on top of that he lied to you and now he has the pleasure of spending even more time with you at the lake,you want him to leave his girlfriend for u? how effed up is that,u look just as bad as he does now that you have accepted it ,I would never date a cheater ,that is what he is,don't let him have you believe that YOU are the one,his poor girlfriend is going to be crushed if she finds out he has been cheating on her,u know the truth now why the hell would you want him after all the lies.and don't make excuses for him,it is what it is and you know it,.


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  • You should let this go. He will not leave her for you.

    Though if you continue down this road, you'll eventually end up as being a friend with benefits for him.


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  • yeah, he'll leave her for you. then he will leave you for the new girl. you aren't that special to be honest. not to be mean but to a guy like this you're fully replaceable.

    • amen..hopefullly she can seeh ow wrong this is on so many levels,if he had of told you the truth in the first place would you have dated him...I hope not,but you fell for him under false pretenses,that should have been a deal breaker,no more discussion.put yourself in his girlfriend shoes,how would you like it.

    • now she's going to move in with him..what do you think he will do when he grows tired of u? once a cheat always a cheat.