What do I do in this kind of situation?

I have this girl in my life that I been talking to for a while. I finally told her how I felt after holding it in for a long long time. Granted when we first started talking she got out of a 5 year relationship and I didn't want to be all over her so I just wanted to give her space. We have a lot in common everything seemed to be going well. I also would of told her how I felt but she also kept telling me about how her guys friends would tell her they are into her, and I didn't want to be that guy. There was a week where I didn't hear from her we stopped talking for a week and I sent a message saying hope you are doing well, and she responded with the same but nothing else. I'm pretty sure during the week we didn't talk she was interested in another guy and he pretty much blew her off. Then one day she hits me up saying I miss talking to you it's sucked that we haven't talked. So we continued to talk. So I continued to hold on to the point where I had to tell her how I felt. When I told her I liked her she responded saying when we first talked she had a crush on me and liked me a lot but thought I just wanted a friendship and since we continued to talk our friendship got even stronger and that she didn't want lame feelings to be involved and be dumped like ex did to her because apparently he was her best friend. So I took it for what it was and continued to keep talking to her then she told me she needed time away from everyone, that only lasted a day and a half and she hit me up saying she didn't want to lose my friendship and stuff. So I continued to talk to her but it seemed like she was uninterested in what I had to say and took forever to respond to texts. So I just pretty much stopped talking to her to give her space. We didn't talk for 10 days and it was killing me and she was flying to somewhere that I'll be at and I sent a text saying "safe travels". I instantly got a text saying "Hey thank you!" but we haven't talked since that. I see her on Saturday and I'm not sure what to do/what's going to happen. Can anyone clear this up as to what she's thinking?

Also during the 10 days that we haven't talked I asked a friend of mine and hers if she was mad at me, and he told me the day before she asked the same thing about me.
She also put on her tumblr last night "I forgot what it feels like to like someone"


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  • I think both of you need to find topics to talk about instead of allowing the awkward silence to break your communication for 10 days. If you have a lot in common, this wouldn't have been a problem. Maybe she likes you but is scared of her past repeating. I'm just as confused about my current best buddy. We kind of like each other but I pretend he's a good friend because I'm afraid if we take it to the next level and things blows up in my face again like what happened with my ex best friend turned boyfriend and now ex friend. Mine was a 7 years relationship so yeah, it hurts like hell to lose not only a boyfriend but a best friend too. It's scary. So she's possibly thinking the same. I say, this girl is someone you need to consider in the long long term sense. So think carefully. And talk about it. If you're both willing to risk it for happiness now, then by all means, do it. Be happy.

    • Well I went up to her said hi got a hug brought up the food thing she seemed down for it but it never happened we talked she laughed then our convo stopped and we did our own thing she didn't attempt to initiate conversation and when she left she tapped me on the shoulder saying nice seeing you. I don't understand.

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    • I think I'm going to allow her to respond to me, but I'm not going to instantly reply to her messages. I'll do what she's doing to me and reply whenever I have a chance or when I feel like it. I will continue to talk to her, but I'm not going to make her the be all of my life anymore. I've done everything imaginable to get this girl to talk to me and try to make things right, and it's just feeling like a waste of time. I don't know why this girl puts zero effort into me at all since I told her

    • How I felt. I will think of it more so that I gave her a chance and it's her loss that she didn't take it because I know deep down inside I'm a great guy and she knows this and even told me this countless times. It's always the people who treat someone good to be treated like sh*t.

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  • You should really talk to her. You've given her much space already.

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