Why is it that guys seem to do this?

before I get to the point, I just want to point out that I'm sure girls probably do this also, but because I've never done it/ experienced it from a girl, I can't be certain.

So anyways, this guy I met about 3 weeks ago and I were texting for the better part of last week, and then we stopped speaking for about 3 days, I messaged him just asking what he was doing this weekend, because in previous messages we were talking about meeting up and stuff and he didn't reply.

now I know that's a clear signal that he's lost interest, but why wouldn't they just reply with something short. This guy also takes forever to respond to messages.

why do guys do that? and if you're a girl that does this why do you do it also? just so I can get a better understanding


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  • I had always suspected what the first guy replied... It does seem like guys do the fade out even more easily over text because your whole "relationship" is there for them to actually see. He can be even more judgmental and 'discerning' in this scenario and run at the first thing he doesn't like 100%. When it comes down to it: Guys need to pick up phones or at least see women in person in order to be held to some standard of not being flighty jerks!


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  • I've had this done to me by some girls, lol.

  • That's because he's bored of talking to you, or he's really not interested that's why he won't reply. In short, he sees you as a bother.


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