What is "chemistry" in dating?

From what I've heard and read, its when everything just flows right and conversation just flow non stop...

but isint that part of being a sociable, confident, and relaxed person? if 2 socially people meet, they can talk about anything easily.. is that really what chemistry is? I'm confused? what's chemistry in regards to dating someone?

I can talk endlessly to girls when I'm relaxed and confident, stuff just flows into my head and there's no awkward silences. Is that chemistry? or something else? help?


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  • it means everything just feels right. you feel a connection-physical attraction and also attracted to the person's personality and it feels natural/not awkward.


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  • chemistry = attraction :P

    Lol, it's actually that simple. Say, if a girl says that you have chemistry, it means that she likes you.

    • Attraction is mainly physical right? Cause I'm best friends with this girl, but she says she's not physically attracted to me... and she said I'm cute but not in a physical way yet she's actually dating a heavier and uglier guy... wat. Yeah I'm confused lol

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    • I am friend zoned by her, she did say it to my face... I still don't understand though x.x

    • oh ok... I guess it's just the matter of taste - maybe she just likes big, ug

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  • Chemistry exists when there's a bond between two persons, and bond that they they just can't stay away from each other for long.