Ex boyfriend texted me a couple days but stopped texting. What's this mean?

So I got a surprising text from my ex Monday asking me how I've been and stuff. We talked about me getting a new job and where he works at now. I was on lunch break so I told him I'd tthl. Then he texted me on the 15th. He said hey but he'd text me later but he never texted me later that day. He texted me the next day in the morning but I was at work and had my phone on silent and I texted him back after work but he never texted me back. He still hasn't texted me back.

I miss him and it would be nice if we could be friends or something. For now, I don't know if I want to date him because I'd have to worry about other girls, being jealous, and worrying if I'm doing something that would make him run off or whatever. That's why I hate dating. I just wish you could be friends and then kiss and not have to worry about other people trying to steal your guy away from you and stuff like that.

But anyway lol, what's this mean? Why did he even text me in the first place? I haven't texted him back since the 16th and I'll leave it like that since I rarely use my phone for communicating anyway. But what does it mean when your ex texts you randomly? We were broken up about 3 months ago.


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  • It seems that he's just checking you out.

    You shouldn't worry much about this.

    • Why is he checking me out anyway? I don't get it. But ever since then, he hasn't texted me and I've moved on but I'm just curious why he texted me out of the blue

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  • if you broke up due to cheating,he may be having a dry spell, he doesn't deserve a second chance

    "not have to worry about other people trying to steal your guy away from you and stuff like that"

    you shouldn't worry about someone else stealing your man,its up to your man not to stray..some women seem to blame other women when in fact we should be blaming the cheating douche bags.

    • Nope none of that. I just have to deal with immature girls around trying to get their claws into him. He made it clear he wasn't interested in them...but I never trusted the girl because they used to talk but they stopped talking a long time ago. We broke up because he was unreliable. I broke up with him because he was always late and never went through when we made plans together so I was tired of it.

    • ok so now that puts things in perspective, by him not answering you again does that not make you realize he hasn't changed,mr unreliable has shown his ugly face again...he is not worth it.