What's preventing him (is there some secret guy code hidden in what he tells me)?

Its going on a year that we have know each other and since we meet we instantly clicked. We think on the same page, have similar interest, love each others company, and constantly encourage each other him with his business and me with school. We have both expressed our feeling of being able to tell each other anything and it shows with out constant calling and hours long conversation(not just me he calls too). Every thing over all has been great. Except one thing his feeling towards another girl from his past who is not out of the picture and not all she was cracked up to be(his words). I figured month after just to make sure he was truly over her why weren't we dating? He told me he had though about it plenty of times he loves me and wants the best for me and misses me whenever I'm not around he feels right now isn't the best time(he says he's not ready). He told me that the long distance, us being at two different stages, all the work he has to put into his company and petty things he needs to deal with are in the way. But he did say that in the future we things things were not a factor he would love for us to have more time together and that then he would be able to provide for his loved ones(including me he told me I'm the closest person to him) and be a better man . the last time we talked he says each day he getting to know me better and better and he sees me as the full package he does not want to do anything that might not insure longevity between us. Some people tell me this may be code for he just doesn't want to date me but no matter what anyone says I still feel the same I don't feel like he playing me. Are there any suggestions of things to do I've also been told to date other guys.


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  • if he is not ready he is not ready for a relationship with you..

    He sounds like he is tellng you the truth.

    From my personl experience I have stopped going into relationships because the time is not right, I'm in college or her family is too close to ours, etc.. actually we guys are more logical when it comes to relationships.

    What he is telling you sounds about right. He needs to work on his personal goals, I know it may be silly to assume but it sounds like you are his LONG-TERM future girlfriend, he may want to have his fun and work on his goals but in all probability you will be his Girlfriend in the future.

    What I learned from my aunties telling my older cousin sisters is to act as if he is about to lose you eg through dating other people..etc. that way he realises he does not want to lose you and maybe prompt him to move a bit faster.

    if he doesn't then move on and stop wasting your time...


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  • I believe that 90% of the time, if a man wants to be with you he will. It may be that he loves you but just doesn't see you like that. If he hasn't shown you romantic affection by now the chances are he just sees you as a great friend. But you never know! Good luck..

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