Can people change? Do you think he'll date me this time?

have a pretty long history with this guy. We went on quite a few dates a couple of years ago, then we stopped "seeing" each other and became fwb. We would have unbelievable sex, but we also would argue quite a bit. I realized that I wanted more, he didn't so I ended it. Over a year had passed, I had dated other people and so did he and we had recently come in contact with me. We have gone on a couple of dates and we have slept together. He seems different, he is more considerate and nicer? Do you think this time maybe it can work out? That it took dating other people and time to realize that maybe we are meant to be? OR is this just going to not work out like that last time? Can people change?


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What Guys Said 1

  • No, it won't work out.

    You'll still be an FWB to him. Feelings won't change when you have history before.


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  • Generally people's feelings don't change.

    He likely sees you as a friends with benefits and might be taking some time in between gfs.

    Ask him his intentions so that you're not let down.