When enough is enough? Casual dating, love, and heart break...

So I started dating a co-worker about 2 1/2 months ago.

On out first date he said he was not ready for a serious relationship because he recently broke up with his girlfriend of 2 years who cheated on him. I was okay with this.

Since then he has met my family, I have met his, I am now friends with his friends, we have had sex, we hang out at least 4 times a week and talk everyday. About a month ago I asked him if he wanted to re-think if he is still not ready to be in a relationship and he said he wasn't. I might be crazy but to me, other then exclusivity, we are in one. He might be traveling all next year and I will be gone for a month and a half this summer.

The problem is that I think I'm falling for him. Should I tell him with the possibility of scaring him or should I just enjoy the time we have together and set myself up for a heart break?


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  • Are you still acting like you're dating or do you see him as a friend four times a week?

    • Dating. we hold hands and kiss in front of his friends. Its no secret.

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    • I think he is not ready for the commitment. But, I'm honestly not sure that's the problem.

    • Saying that is like saying that you'd probably cheat if you were in a relationship and that you don't want to be in one so you can't be seen as the bad guy in it. If you are falling for the guy, I know it's hard and not what you'd want to hear, but you'd be safer ending it, because he doesn't seem to want the same thing you do.

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  • You should just leave this. It's quite clear that your relationship is just that of the friends with benefits.


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  • Honestly, he might be with you to get his mind off the break up.

    I don't think it's a good idea to tell him you're falling for him. He's told you twice now he doesn't want a serious relationship. He's likely only in it for the fun.

    Make sure you're on the same page. You seem to want a future and he has told you multiple times there won't be one.

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