He told me to stop texting him ! But for some reason I am confused...

So I told this guy to help me out with studying for our science final coming up through text, and he had no problem so we started talking, and I said I didn't understand this part and I can't focus on it, he said "stop texting and pay attention"...idk if he's saying that because he literally wants me to stop or if it's cause I mentioned I couldn't focus lol ?

After he told me to stop, he went on about how dumb the final is lol I really want to think he was being caring but I don't know lol ?


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  • That's because he wants to help you. It's really rude when someone's giving their best effort into teaching you and you're doing something else.


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  • Text him back tomorrow about how he was right that you needed to shut all of it off to study. He's being caring, and you doing what he's saying will make him feel smart and needed, which is what guys always want.