Are past behaviors good indicators?

I've been with my girlfriend for 4 months now. We almost broke up once due to miscommunication. A week before we had the break-up talk, she started acting differently. She started doing the following:

-Distancing herself

-Texting differently: Less smileys, haha's, the works. Texts were shorter, and she started abbreviating things and texting me like she texts her friends

-Called less

-Was constantly busy all of a sudden. Too busy to reply back, call, again the works

-Avoided holding hands/kissing/hugging

We had another break-up talk 2 weeks ago, and since then she's started acting the same as before. She did call me and seemed enthusiastic and lively, but that only happened twice after the talk.

-She's texting with abbreviations again, texting less, and some of her texts don't even make sense, like she's not really reading mine. I did hug and kiss her after the talk, but that only happened once or twice.

Does it look like she really wants to break up but is just waiting for the right time?


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  • what are you doing to make her wanna break up? you can fix this just gotta communicate with each other better , why did she wanna break up? I'm not gonna tell you to dump her but try treating her like she treats you , text her less call her less , it will bother her alot... work it out, don't break up ...

    • I honestly don't know. One minute I'm, "MIA" so I show more affection, then weeks later she starts implying that I'm doing too much and not respecting her "Crazy/busy/tiring life." It's like she doesn't want me to be "that boyfriend." That's how our entire relationship has been. When she's happy/in a good mood, everything's perfect and she becomes super affectionate. When she's stressed and tired she gets annoyed, irritable, non-affectionate. It gets to where I'm actually scared of my girlfriend

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    • then if your unhappy definently cancel her, don't settle for anything less than you want.

    • I truly am happy when things are going well between us..but extremely unhappy when they're not.

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  • Dude! Dump her! Obviously she is not putting in the time to make the relationship the best thing ever so why waste anymore time with it? Break up with her and go find yourself a chick who will send you loads of smileys and hearts && Calls you just to tell you good night or that she was thinking of you! :)

    <3's Good luck!

    • It's not the smiley's and good night calls that I want. It's just, this is how she acts when something's wrong/right before a break-up

  • She seems moody and disinterested. I think the relationship is over, I'm sorry :-(

    • Agreed, that is what it seems like unfortunately.

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    • I thought the same thing as well. I just hate the fact that it's right before summer, I was looking forward to spending it with her. Oh well, things happen I guess

    • I know, it sucks!

      I still hope you make it a good summer!

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  • It seems that she really wants to break up with you now.

    You should call it off already.