Did he like me as more than a friend?

One of my best friends was a guy. Well over the years I have grown to wonder if he liked me as more than a friend.

Some examples as to why I was wondering:

-He let me call him a nickname that if anybody else called him he'd get mad.

-A guy "accidentally" hit me in my chest and he wanted to know who, and wanted to beat him up.

-He was very protective over me...

-Whenever I needed him he was always there regardless of the time.

-I had caught him staring at my body before.

-If I went a while without texting him he would text me to see if everything was okay.

-I sent him a message with details of my "dream" guy and he knew I had feelings for someone and had been told the name... And when I said that and that the worst part was knowing what I wanted, and someone who fit that description but not knowing if I'd ever get a chance with them... he asked who (he fit all of it but one thing)

-He said he'd always be here for me.

-Also a girl we knew wanted him to text her so I asked him if he was going to he said "Hell no" I said why not ? he said "Look at her then look at me" I said so He said "I'm not going to text her" I said well you text me he said "so" I said "Look at you then look at me" he said "And so" I said "never mind, but do me and her look a like?" (she had said the day before that we did) he said "HELL NO!"


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  • It's quite clear that all his actions are geared as something someone who likes you more than a friend do.


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  • I think he does like you as more than a friend. He cares about you like a real long-time boyfriend.


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  • Most likely

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