Is this a good sign or should I worry?

Recently I've gone out on 2 dates with a very nice guy who is a gentle man and we "click" and have a connection plus he's able to carry a conversation and we never get bored...the only thing is that he's very bad at replying to texts.

Ive also noticed earlier tonight that he removed his photgraph from the dating site that we met on - is this a good sign or bad sign? could have he found anyone else or is he serious about me?

He always tells me I'm ht and he remembers what I wore on date number one as well as my accessories that I have lol

p.s- he's also pretty new to this whole dating site thing, and its hard t find decent people these days...

p.s - he was also saying that he's looking for a girlfriend and that he's not 18...


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  • I don't think you have anything to worry about at the moment. Let's list his positives:

    1. He's gentle/kind

    2. You both carry a conversation/compatible

    3. You "click"/compatible

    4. He remembers details about you/he's attentative and attracted to you.


    1. Slow in responding to text messages/perhaps you should call more, text less (he just might not be a text type person)


    1.He removed his picture (but did he hide or delete his profile) Again nothing of grave significance to create worry./Ask him why he hid his picture and consider it a plus because most girls won't view profiles without a picture.

    2. Age (wasn't specific, but evidently something you're thinking about.)/Ask him his age, plain and simple.

    Overall analysis: You may be possibly over thinking his few negatives and under shadowing his positives. I think you should continue to date him and talk to him more if at all possible instead of texting him. Get to know him and see where he is in terms of where you want a guy to be when looking for a potential mate. His questionable issues can be resolved quite easily through communication.

    • yes true :)

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    • not an issue at all - my parents are open and so am I :)

    • See, not even any worries there either, but I can relate to your concern since I'm in a similar situation myself, but race was more of a concern for me (regarding my parents) than nationality.

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  • Good sign, him taking his picture down usually means he's basically found what he's looking for and isn't looking anymore at the moment.

    • weve only gone on 2 dates...

    • Yep, well maybe he's seen enough to think: "you know what, she's pretty awesome. No need for this profile for the moment. I'll just see how it goes with this one!". It's not a sign that he's ready to ask your hand in marriage or anything.

  • Removing his picture could mean he's got enough women to date now, not only you, and that could explain why he's seems too busy to reply to texts.

    But there are other explanations, of course. But usually, that's the idea of a dating site, you have a lot of options..or people wouldn't pay to belong to it!

    • he put his photo back now I noticed 2 days he had told me last weekend tht he would be free near the end of the week but then when the end of the week approached he said he was sick with sore throat and fever and he said meet you next week...was he lying?

    • Almost certainly dating or trying to date another profile from the dating site

  • Good, he may won't commitment

  • It's really a good sign. It means that he's getting serious with you.

    • lol we've only gone on 2 dates so far, but we do "click" ":)

  • He took his photo off because he likes you and/or because he's respectful.

    Guys often don't reply to texts instantly, whoever they're texting.


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