I Like her, How do I tell her?

So there is this girl that I have been talking to a few times a week for the last several months. I have come to realize that I really like her. We have tried to make plans to hang out, but something always comes up one way or another so we haven't. Or work schedules don't really allow us a chance to talk outside of work (we both work at different stores in the same mall). We occasionally talk when she wanders by my store. I want to tell her that I Like her, but not sure if its ok to do so on our 'walks' around the mall. I really want to tell her, even at the risk of us not talking again. And how should I phrase it, just saying "I really lie you" sounds lame and unromantic.


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  • You don't have to actually say the words "i like you" I figured out my boyfriend liked me before asking me out just by always saying stuff like, I love talking to you, I love being with you, your so cool, I missed you today... he said stuff like that to me all the time and I thought it was really sweet and it was obvious he liked me. he could tell I liked him back because I never avoided him or anything and I made just as much of an effort to talk to and hang out with him as he did for me. when he realized the feelings for each other were mutual he went for it and just asked me out.

    it sucks that your schedules are so conflicting but that shouldnt really matter because your schedules will change eventually and you will have to find sometime to hang out even if its not often. just tell her stuff like" I love talking to you" and stuff like that and she will know that you like her. she probably already knows. its usually not hard to tell when someone likes you. to find out if she likes you back and not just being nice, talk to her friends. her best friend would know for sure.


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  • "I really like you" is actually pretty straight forward and ballsy.

    At this point its not about romance, it's about sealing the deal. Romance comes after that.

    Take some advice from Notorious BIG, ask what numbers to dial, call up your crew, let her call her crew, go rendez vous, and be at the car around two.

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