What's up with this guy?!

I like him. He knows I like him. We were friends first... but distant friends. We're very compatible.

On nights when he gets drunk I'm the girl he calls or texts, but when he sobers up, I never hear from him... well, rarely do I hear from him. He called me the other night after a few drinks and we talked on the phone for three hours. He basically told me about his first and only heartbreak. It was six years ago and he's still torn up about it. He told me when he gets interested in a girl, he's a jerk to her. That he doesn't want to put himself in that situation. In no way did he say that he was interested in me, but a couple times he related me to his first love by saying things such as: "She sang, just like you" or "She was one of the sweetest girls with a genuine heart, just like you." The next night he asked to hang out, but I was working. He had been drinking then too. We texted the rest of the night. A couple days have passed and I texted him once and he never replied.

Most would say he likes me, but honestly, his ex's are gorgeous and I don't have anything on them... So I don't understand.


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  • He really does like you. It's just that he's so super shy.

  • I think he's just using you as an emotional crutch.

    But it is possible he likes you, maybe even without knowing it himself. There's a Latin phrase, 'in vino veritas': in wine (or any alcohol), there is truth.

    However, why are you so sure he knows you like him? Unless you've actually told him, I wouldn't be sure. Guys don't get the hints that girls drop.


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