Girl I l like suddenly starts to ignore my messages! What happened?

A month ago in uni I met this girl. I like her and I think she likes me (first time talking she blushed, looks forward to talk to me, said we should hang out, etc). I've been contacting her every 2-4 days on Facebook messaging (she doesn't text much). She always been replying me. That was during exam period. Now summer vacation started and I went on vacation to another country for entire summer break. 2 weeks ago she was still responding me. But last week I sent two messages and no reply! I sent one 2 days ago and still no reply! She's seen it and has been on Facebook. What happened? Was I too cold? Should I have messaged her everyday? The last message she sent me I kind of ignored too, but I still replied it like 4-5 days later. wtf happened? Everything was great till now..


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What Girls Said 1

  • she could of...

    A.) ...replied in the first place only to be nice

    B.) ...been playing hard to get

    C.) ...lost interest

    D.) You became annoying for her

    E.) ...been to busy


What Guys Said 1

  • Wait for her to reply. It seems that she's just busy , or she didn't access her FB lately.