My boyfriend is changing?

I've been dating this great guy for about 6 months. Now that the semester is over we're separated and doing long distance until he comes up here for the rest of the summer. Keep in mind, that I may be transferring to a school 5 hours away from him.

He and I were great friends before we admitted our feelings for each other. I was his first everything. Kiss, girlfriend, etc. lol. I strive to be a great girlfriend, And he knows and acknowledges this. However, lately he's been being mean to me like laughing when I'm upset. He's also been being inconsiderate and pretty much did a 180 on the awesome guy he used to be. Its honestly breaking my heart. He keeps trying to blame it on the distance and he doesn't know how to deal with his feelings but the distance never changed me. We both have cars and made plans to visit each other come fall.We were best friends before dating and all throughout it but lately I feel like there's hardly any friendship. Any advice?


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  • He's hurting too. Sometimes us guys don't even take note of why, and don't know anything other than that we're feeling bad.

    Now you are feeling hurt. I forsee apologies and forgiveness going both ways if this relationship is going to last.

    Time to put on your detective cap.

    • I agree with this ^. Sometimes guys just aren't as good at expressing their feelings as women are. I'm in no way being sexist. They're brains (especially the areas related to communication and emotion) are wired differently from womens'.

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  • You should let him know of the discomfort he's causing you.


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  • I'm really sorry about everything. Maybe the distance is changing him to the point he doesn't know how to respond to you when your upset. I think you should have a long talk with him, to see where is mind is. From the little iread, it seems that the distance is pulling you guys apart. Even though you still want to be close to him, I feel that maybe the distance is breaking his attachment towards u.

    Guys and girls act different in certain situations. Maybe the long disyance thing isn't working for him and because of the feelings that are involved, he doesn't know how to tell u.

    Remember this is just a theory. I think it's best to talk to him about it because I maybe all wrong.

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