Why do I feel this way? and Did I do the right thing?

Theres this girl I really like and she stunning.. total sweet heart and I can tell her anything. but awhile back me and her were messing aroung and after I felt like I f***ed up. This has never happened bfore and it scares me..

This same girls been stuck between three guys.. me, her ex and a guy named jacob. When I walked in she was already talking to jacob (shes known him for 2 years) her ex boy friend came back in resently and I think jacob is no longer a probelm. She told me she still has feeling for her ex(she was dating him for 3 years) but she knows that she shouldn't date him( so she's battling between what she knows and how she feels) she broke up with him 6 months ago.( tbh he's no good, he came back into the picture because things with his ex didn't work out so he came back anocking) yesterday I made a decision, I dopped a box of at her house with her shorts and a letter that said more or less life is filled with decisions and I've seen you cry, stress out and get angry over one of the easiest and hardest ones of your life "Which is who do you really like?" so I'm going to give you some space and I'm going to take a vactions but when I get back we will be nothing more then friends. In this letter is one of the promoses I made awhile back.. the diary I wrote when I went away and I hope it makes you smile and laugh like it did when I told you about it(which contains why I chose the nickname I gave her and how much I missed her when I was away)

Her nick name was lily: A lily blossems in the mud and is considered one of egypts most sacred flowers because it symbolizes that no matter how dark things get there will always be light and is used to heal the body and soul. I guess what I'm saing is that you are my light.. you are my lily.


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  • You just did the right thing. You were being upfront and it's clear that you don't want to spend more time with her if she's not just going to be with you.