Ladies, how should act around ex-girlfriend at a party?

She dumped months ago and it was amicable enough. I tried to get her back right after she dumped me and she said no, but was willing to remain friends.

Months went by with NC. We then ran into each other at an event with mutual friends and while it was awkward, it was cordial.

However, the last time I saw her, she was cold and even slightly rude to me when I approached her to say hi and bye. I think she heard I started dating again/being friendly with women and was convinced I was dating someone (I went on casual dates and no, I am not dating anyone).

Now, I may see her again in a few weeks at a party. I feel have taken the high road with her, but should I continue to do that, or simply ignore her?

If she dumped me and said she wanted to remain friendly, why can't she simply be happy that I am moving on and not harassing her with pleas of reconciliation?

I am starting to think that I should avoid the event where my ex will be. After all, I could do something else that night.

Since her last chilly reception and given the fact that she thinks I am dating someone when I am not, I am concerned she will have something else up her sleeve to make me feel bad. She may show up with a dude and be all over him in front of me.

I feel better when I don't see or hear of her. But, then my friends may be disappointed.

Any suggestions?


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  • Why can't she be happy for you . . . because even though she doesn't want you anymore, she doesn't want anyone eles to have you either. That is why she would go from friendly to cold. I would ignore her, continue to be polite and if you have to talk to her just smile and be at ease. She's not going to like it, if she feels she doesn't have a hold on you anymore. She gave up that right when she dumped you, and told you no when you advanced again. Screw her if she can't be happy for you to have moved on. She could also be upset that you beat her to the punch, don't be fooled into thinking she isn't looking.

    • Thanks for the responses. Yes, she is most certainly looking. While I am almost certain she did not leave me for another dude, I am sure she didn't leav me to be single forever. She may have also expected me to contact her after our last friendly meeting since she is used to guys chasing her, but I couldn't bring myself to do it. She dumped me and it hurt. Then, it hurt less with the help of friends with and going on a few dates. I'm disappointed to think she could be so spiteful.

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  • if you see her at the party you could say hi briefly but don't put too much effort into it. if she really wants to talk to you then she'll make an effort.

    • Yes, if we make eye contact, I will give a brief nod/smile. Before, I would approach her, ask about her, her job, and her family. But, she never asked how I was doing and the last time could barely look at me when I gave her a quick embrace goodbye (I wasn't sure when I would see her again). I feel I have been nothing but mature and gracious about being dumped (been nice to her friends, too. They actually seemed to like me), but I get a cold shoulder in return.

  • Just like be cool and calm and normal

    • Thanks, but should I even acknowledge her with a hello if we happen to make eye contact. I certainly do not want to approach her. Ignoring her completely may signal that I being immature and that I am letting her cold shoulder get to me. I do not want to stoop to her level.

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