Girls, are you so busy that you can't see a guy you date?

You may not like him a lot..but you are mildy intrested at the very least.

you know he likes you.

But your schedule is so packed that you may see him about 2 or 3 times a month,

is that normal?

could someone be so busy that you won't date the guy at all?

or seeing the person every 3 weeks or so normal?

just met the guy also.

in the beginning it was dating. now its been 2 weeks since is seen her.

im busy myself and our schedules have been clashing.


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  • "just like"..under the impression Ur not dating.?. If Ur not dating then yeah possiably. When you say like, sure you might think try to be around the person as much as possible, but there are reasons people hold back.

    If you guys are dating then no, that's not normal. You should see that person and go out with that person more than that.


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