Thinking about dating this girl.....should I go for her?

Ok, I've had this crush on her for about 3 years, since the 8th grade, and last year I developed some really, really strong feelings for her. Lately I surprised her by getting her flowers, and needless to say, she loved them! We've been very close for 3 years now, and I think she's starting to warm up to me. Should I go for her or not?

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link Here she is.
Update: Her and I are just going to remain best friends. She doesn't want us to be bf/gf, so I am going to respect her decision.


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  • jonh lennon profile picture so I have to answer for you, you have good taste :)

    be careful because she has been your friend for 3 years and she might get freaked out if you start confessing all these feelings to her now, she will wonder why you didn't tell her sooner, also if she doesn't feel the same way and it becomes awkward no matter how hard you both try it will never be the same again, if she doesn't feel the same way then she might even start ignoring you because she doesn't feel the same way and she feels betrayed by her friend (you) for being in love with her so like I said be very very careful my friend, this has happened to me before and it hurts a lot I know but it hurts so much more when/if you were to lose her

    • Thanks for the response, man. Means a lot. By the way were you able to view the picture I posted? I'm not sure if it worked or not, considering it's off of Facebook.

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    • K thanks man. It helps, really it does.

    • i have been in your situation man and I know how difficult it can be to have no one to speak to about this exact scenario you are in, if you ever want advice on this subject then just ask and I'll answer, promise!

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  • Do it! That's so cute. She'll love it.

  • Wow I know how it feels to have a crush on someone for a really long time. You just can't contain your feelings. She accepted the flowers ( which is an intimate gift) needless to say, go for it!

  • Go for it :D

  • Do it


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  • sorry to hear that man, but well done to you for being a gent about it

    • Thanks man. She just simply isn't interested at the moment...

    • just keep being her best friend and who knows what might happen one day, just relax about things and try your best not to get down

    • We've been best friends for a while. I think that's what she wants right now, is to be best friends. Her and I seem to get along better that way.

  • You should go for her. Ask her out.