So I am starting to feel very used and emotional right now

BACKGROUND: Met a guy about two years ago. We went on a few dates and then it kind of just turned into a friends with benefits. We have always had great chemistry and sex BUT with that we also had butting of heads. We argued a lot. Finally it got to the point where were screamed horrible things at each other and ended all communication.

It was for about a year that we had not talked at all, He got a girlfriend and I was seeing other guys. A couple weeks ago, I decided to text him just to see how he was. He informed me things were good and him and his girlfriend had broken up about 2 months ago. We texted all night catching up, apologizing for our previous actions and decided that we should hang out and really try to get along this time since we had so much fun together. He also said he wasn't looking for really anything serious which I understand since he just got out of a relationship. We went on a date, he paid went really well had fun. Then a few days later he came to my apartment and we hooked up. We texted the next day and he seemed to be still interested. But today I wished him luck at his game and he never has been a couple of hours now. Did he use me for sex?


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  • Yes, it's quite clear that he just used you for sex, unfortunately.


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