What do I do now to get him back? He seems cold again?

So, I had a wonderful talk with my ex over the weekend. he has been calling me and texting me all day. He said he miss me and He ask for forgiveness and wants me to give him another chance to prove to me he is a good man. Everything was good. I told him I also miss him but I wanted to take things slow. Now, its been 3 days that he did not contacted me since. So I tried to text him (about the weather) and he did respond but sounds like his not interested to talk to me at all so he ended the conversation Because he said he needs to pack up to go for a drive to another state and so I said enjoy the rest of his evening and be safe driving. But, he is still online talking to someone for 2 hours. Which he doesn't do that ever. He is not into chatting at all as I have known him. He only chats with me(before we broke up). So now, I really don't understand what's going on again. Please guys I need your help here. I need your advice? did he just played with me over the weekend?


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  • It seems like he's just having a bad week. You should try to hang out more in person with him. Perhaps, your lack of physical presence is killing the interest in him.

    • We did had a plans for the next 2 months already over the weekend. And suddenly just turned around again. (Very confusing) As much as I wanted to hang out with him a lot. There's just no way for us to do that all the time because we are 875 miles apart.

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  • he was your ex for a reason,now you see why again

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