Girls, how would this make you feel on a first date?

There's this girl I'm meeting for coffee that I barely know. I know she's a teacher, but I don't know what subject she teaches. Because first dates are stressful for me, I wanted to lighten the atmosphere. I want to do something along these lines:

"So, you're a teacher? Let me guess, you teach P.E.?"

Ultimately I hope this would lead to an opportunity to say:

"Well, look at your biceps!"

and then grab her arm and ask her to flex. Knowing she was flexing, I'd say "Ok, you can flex now!" and keep pretending like I didn't know she was flexing.

Would this be awkward to do with a person you barely know? I'm sure it's different for everyone, but I thought it would ease the tension a bit and maybe score some humor points.


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  • It could earn you some humor points, depending on her sense of humour. I wouldn't do something like that though. It's perfectly OK to ask about what she does, but this would sound too "rehearsed" to me. I don't know if that makes sense, but it would feel like you're not acting like yourself. I'd be cautious about it, and maybe awkward.

    You could always ask her what she teaches, in which grade, how many kids is there in the classroom, what is her favorite part of the subject she teaches... I think that's a wide subject for starting a conversation. Once you started this, it'll give you plenty of occasions to chat. If you're not comfortable with kids, you could always give her some congratulation "I could never do that, that's impressive").

    My point is that you should try to be yourself. Since you're stressed out by the first date (and I understand you here), you can try to think about different things you could use to start a conversation, but it's risky to plan an entire conversation and the jokes to go with it. Don't plan things word by word, or there will be a risk of making her feel like she's taking part in a play.

    As you said, it's different for everyone, but at least you have another opinion about it :)

    Hope this helps :)


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  • Don't flatter her biceps unless she works out. It's much easier to ask what subject she teaches, why she chose that subject over others, and how she got to where she is today.

  • um wouldn't it be weird to call a women she has biceps ? I mean you should find a more feminine joke

    • Yeah, I mean you're right. But the point was when she flexed, I'd pretend I didn't know she was flexing, so it would seem like she wouldn't be muscular at all. LOL I suppose if there's this much conversation about it, it's a bad idea.

    • yeah that's the thing since its the first date try to find a better joke , or maybe a topic.

    • If you can't think of anything , try to use the surroundings to find a subject to talk about

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