He need space, or did I misunderstood him?

My boyfriend and I been dating for 6 months.

We fell for each other the moment we met.

Both in our early 20s.

Both first serious relationship.

Hardly see each other because we're both very dedicated to school and work part time.

We mainly communicate through text.

He has really strict parents.

We hang out, he takes me on dates whenever we have a chance.

He never leaves me hanging.

Early this week he took me on a picnic. it was really sweet! Then two days after he totally ignored my good morning text, my "hey how was you're day" text, and my goodnight message.

I text him the next afternoon asking him if things are OK, he said yes. I asked what happened to him the day before and I said "do you need space?" And he said "more space would be nice." I said OK and we left at that.

Did I misunderstood his text? How long do I wait? What do I do?

Why does he needs space?


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  • You didn't misunderstood him. Perhaps, give him a week, and contact him again.


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