I don't understand her

I have this friend I've known her for four years and I like and she knows it too. That was a little background. I moved across the country 6 months ago and we've been keeping in touch. she was hesitant asking me but she text me she needed some help. I helped her out and she sent me this text. Wow you moved 10,000 miles away you're still one of the only ones there for me. I sent her this text that's what friends are for their there for each other. now I wanted to say something else but I've been trying to distance myself from her because she does have a boyfriend. she didn't reply back until I sent something else after a little while. what do you think of this was what I said wrong?


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  • Well, it's not what you said wrong, but she DOES have a boyfriend. The fact that she said that you're the only person that's there for her kind of indicates that she has some type of feelings towards you, but she probably respects her boyfriend and doesn't want to hurt him..or you.Tell her how you feel and if she doesn't feel the same then you guys should keep being friends. You are in the FRIENDZONE my friend. So until she tells you how SHE feels about you, leave it alone. Continue to help and support her as a friend.


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  • You didn't say anything wrong. It must be that she's just busy.