I don't think she is very interested in me...

So I've met this girl online a few weeks ago and it finally moved to text messaging on our phones a few days later after the initial contact. We even managed to set up a date to meet which was yesterday.

Well it didn't happen because her friend got into a car accident. Now she is busy for another 2 weeks. I find that hard to believe for someone who only works 2 nights a week and doesn't go to school.

To be fair the first two weeks she was helping a friend set up her wedding so I thought that was legitimate but that only spanned the first week we met into the weekend.

So I just openly told her that I'm still up for meeting but I'm going to go back and actively seek a girl. A month is too much time for me to sit back and twiddle my thumbs to meet one person I met online.

So my question is do you think she just isn't that interested in meeting? Maybe even a little intimidated? She had an legitimate excuse to cancel in my opinion but I feel like an after thought concerning whether she wants to meet or not.

As for me am I being unreasonable for telling her I'm going to check out other girls?

We do seem to have a lot in common and we connected well in our conversations. However, even with all that I don't think she is worth the wait. Would you wait?


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  • i do internet dating...anyone want to meet..only req. 15 minute to see if you like that person...

    one time I was chatting up with a guy, his picture looks good...converstion okay...i was bored and said lets meet up, we live 15min. away...so we meet..i chatted with him in starbucks..i got to know him a bit...then I left...i wasn't' attracted to him.

    i am in my 30s...i don't like games...meet or not...i don't waste like to waste time.

    so to answer your question, she is playing games.

    • Thank you for BA. Good luck to you.

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  • First, don't tell her you are going to check out other girls. That will cut any chance you have. Second, she's not pursuing you because she "doesn't like you"... Dating is just not a priority right now for her. She could be busy with friends and family, and you are just backseat for now. You can't force a girl to make dating a priority. If it happens, it happens. But definitely don't sit and wait.. Keep your options open.

  • have you seen her at all? Skype or video? they may not even be who they say

    • Nope. This is why I'm not interested in waiting. I don't use Skype or video chat so it is out of the window. I don't want to sound shallow but I understand that all the crap we do online or over the phone is kind of pointless when you find there is no attraction in person. For this reason I don't invest much effort in those who wish to just dabble online. It's a waste of time most of the time.

    • good thinking

  • I wouldn't wait I would just move on with my life because it seems she is just coming up with excuses :(

    • I feel like I should say something to her about it but I think it would come off as rude, confrontational, and pretty much destroy any interest we would have in each other.

      That is why I just took the route of telling her I'm looking elsewhere as well. I've messaged her a few times where she is out with her mother or going out with friends. Another reason why I think she has little interest in meeting me when she has a butt load of free time. I don't want to be an ass about it.

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  • She's not interested anymore from the look of things.