Girls and Guys: what do you think of online dating?

did you ever have an online dating account?

what do you think of people using online dating?

did you ever meet someone from there in real life?

would you consider him/her a real potential bf/gf?

please tell your experience or views on online dating.

please rate the question.

thanks :)


Most Helpful Guy

  • If you're a guy, it's a waste of time. You're competing against all the usual confident guys, plus all the shy guys who use it instead of approaching girls in real life. You'd be more successful hitting on a pretty girl in real life than hitting on an ugly girl online. Unless you literally look like a male model, online dating is mostly useless. Girls will literally get anything between 100 messages a day to 100 messages a month. Even an ugly girl will get more messages than a hot guy, as experiments have proven.


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What Girls Said 1

  • I personally think its a waste of time but some people are apt to it


What Guys Said 2

  • I haven't made a girlfriend off online dating, however, I have met a few friends on there. Currently, I'm not using an account but when I get more time I will.

    In the end, the majority of people on these websites are there for a reason. With the guys, it's usually that they are socially awkward, creepy, desperate and horny. For women, it's usually because they had a fight with their boyfriend, had a nasty breakup or they have a skeptical attitude toward men and that negativity prevents them from having a real world dating life.

    But still, despite all the negatives, there are still cool people on it.

  • I've tried them once and I found a girl. The relationship went well, but the distance is really far apart.

    • was she for real? how much lies did she tell? or you tell?

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