Dating, or my professional future?

(Excuse me for possible grammatic mistakes, I'm not a native English speaker so I'll try my best)

Hey guy's, in this school year I joined a mechanical course to become a good professional, but that means my entire class is full of guys, which was a huge leap considered I was used to be part of classes with more than half of it being female gendered. And so, for that reason and because of my busy schedules to do both classes and sports I don't have much contact with women too deeply.

But unlike my class, the rest of the school is infested with a large number of incredibly stunning and intelligent women and every time I go to the library, go through the steps to classes, going to the bathroom , in every corner there will be a couple kissing and the fact that there is so many good women that I can't interact with made me kind of nervous lately.

I I've been wondering if it is already time to think about preparing a relationship to form a family or if I should focus on my self. I've been skeptical into the point of thinking that, if I don't do it, there will be problems, yes, you will be financially sucessfull, but where is your family, where is that kind of happiness? Will I have it?

And to make things worst. I'm shy, people don't call me innatractive at all, but not knowing any girl and just go into the girl I like(I do actually like one but she doesn't know me at all and no my choice wasn't the dellusional girl that is so perfect visually that it will be impossible for me to ever get) and say hi, I feel like doing that will make her feel weird and make her opinion about me negative, since I'm a total stranger, right? I don't know what to think...

Should I care too much about it now? or should I focus on my own professional future that I so estimated with huge care for a long time?


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  • Try your best!


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  • You should always focus on your professional future.

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