Why will gorgeous women date these men.

In my experience which is limited.

I've seen some stunning women date the a combination of: the ugliest, fakest, weakest, overcompensating morons/pseudo intellectuals. They're like the bottom feeders of society. Real a**holes but they hide who they are well. At least it appears that way.

(I have a very sharp eye)

This is what appears to me. Maybe I'm wrong.

In my experience I was dropped for the most ugliest, "geek" (stereotype), was was clearly jealous and a real d***-hole. Yet he was a province away and I couldn't do anything. The guy was clearly a conniving parasite which I could tell when he had to gloat like a retard over the Internet.

I realize I'm making a broad generalization here about the looks of men.

Is it broad or more narrow (IDK).


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  • The most likely reason is that the guys in question, despite all their faults, had (or could fake having) confidence. Very little moistens a girl's panties like confidence.

    Many times, there might be 10 guys in a room who like the same girl, and maybe a couple of them would be a perfect match for her, but if they are too afraid to ask her out, she's often going to end up with the guy who is confident enough to ask her out, even if he's a poor match for her.

    Girls want a guy who is confident and who takes charge. A guy may have a ton of other faults, but if he can do that, he can very often at least get some INITIAL interest from the girl, and often he can get into a relationship with her, for a while, until she realizes all of his other issues.

    Girls always say they want a guy who is nice, or makes them laugh, etc. and to some degree that's true, BUT, what they don't tell you, and may not even realize themselves, is that, regardless of anything else, if the guy doesn't have confidence and display some leadership, she's probably not going to be interested. If he has confidence AND he's nice and makes her laugh, then great, but that other stuff is only a bonus. The confidence is the REQUIREMENT.

    If life was an amusement park, there would be signs that say "you must be THIS confident to ride the women."


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  • That's the thing-- maybe it is because they hide their true selves well. If he is *ahem self-absorbed, he might come off and be perceived as confident, which is what many girls like. You also have to factor in that confidence-- he may be the only one bold enough to even ask her out.

    You may be rejected for these kind of men because a) they hide themselves well (I know I said it already lol) and/or b) as you say, you lack the experience so you may come off as different from who you really are, even when you're being yourself. Sometimes, I think it would help to practice in front of a mirror to see what kind of impression you make.

    As for the generalization, it seems kinda broad considering that you're basically saying "If women likes these guys and these guys are jerks, then women like jerks." And you didn't really provide details how these guys could be jerks.

    Hope his helps and that I answered you question!

  • It's simply because they have confidence.

    I'll take a somewhat questionable person over one who needs me to build them up any day.

  • Because it's easier to get the type of man we wouldn't be right for than to the type of man we would be right for.


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  • That's because those ugly guys have the courage to get to know them with sincerity.

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