Is she playing games or does she not want me at all?

There's this girl I work with. I've known her for about 3 months and at first she wouldn't text me or anything, then when I went cold turkey and stopped caring, she started to. She started to tell me to text her often.

Then one day I was in my car with her and I was playing with her legs and tried to slide my fingers up and into her pants and she said no but let me feel on the outside for a few seconds. When I dropped her off she told me to text and we went about 15 messages and then she just won't reply.

What do I do? I don't want to seem needy and send 2 messages back to back or text her first if she's not replying, and I don't want to flirt with her if she doesn't want me. Is she playing games or was it just a "pitty touch"? Advice?


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  • She's not playing games at all. Perhaps, she got busy.

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