Will he get over the fight or never talk to me again?

well in August I started seeing this guy right... well a month after I found out he was seeing this other girl too.. he told me he couldn't see himself being with her so he wanted to make sure that he could with me... so then the girl and I were like okay as long as you choose..well a month after that.. he ended things with me saying we didn't have anything in common and blah blah blah.. but after that we kept fighting a lot, but things started to be good again like we were seeing each other and he would like come in to see me at work and everything... but about a month ago I found out he and that girl have actually been dating since the day he ended things with me... but he's been seeing me, so he's pretty much been cheating on her. but about a week ago I like wanted to make things better because we got in a huge fight and I threatend to tell her when I found out... so a few days ago I texted him trying to see if he was still mad at me, but he texted me back like bitching at me for this car accident I was in in October.. it involved my best friend and her husbands brother, they were having an affair and so he texted me bitching at me saying he found out we were all messing around and crap. he told me that he had no reason to talk to me, but he would like me to text him once in a while to see how I'm doing and what not... well I told my best friend what he said so she flippped on him and like telling her that he wants me to leave him alone and he never answers me and stuff... so I don't know what his motive of that is because if that was the case he wouldn't have even been talking to me... and now he won't talk to me at all.. I don't know I've done him a huge favor by not telling this whore anything and he like is an ass and won't even talk to me.. I don't know I'm just upset ? and I don't know what to do cause who knows if he will ever talk to me again


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  • Just ignore him. He's being a jerk now, even bringing up the past to aid his jerkiness.


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