Does this sound like rejection?

This guy asked me out on a date, it didn't happen for some reason (his fault). I decided he wasn't worth my time.

As I'm not taking him seriously now, I told him I'd' rather just hang out than go on a date, etiquette free.

He said : "Date, hang out, whatever, it all sounds good to me!"

I'm not as interested as before. Does the sentence I told him sound like a polite rejection? Do you think he understood this as a "she's not interested anymore"?

Does his message mean he's interested anyway?
My understanding :

Hanging out = Just as friends, platonic.

Date = A little more intimate, romance oriented, maybe a little kiss.


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  • you can't say that. it's like he is replying for what you said without showing that he care. he may be mean it or may be he just to want to show you he means that but he really isn't. just act around as nothing happened. you are waiting to know if he is who you want, try to understand that and you'll get to know if he really meant it. you don't have to lose your hopes


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  • it sounds somewhat like that because you haven't clearly expressed what you had in mind

  • Your understanding is not universal. Also your understanding may, for him, play out as 'Slowly getting to know each other' vs. 'Formally getting to know each other'.

  • He didn't get it.


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