Unresponsive Ex bugging me

I'm going to keep it brief.

He blocked me on whatsapp after telling me it was over on Sunday.

Monday I went into panic mode and text him saying good riddance.

No reply.

Tuesday I emailed apologising and proceeding to ask some advice about a job and apartments in his city. He knew about this while we were together.

No reply.

Wednesday - No contact between the two of us.

Thursday - No contact

Friday - No contact

Saturday - No contact

Today, Sunday, I noticed he'd unblocked me on whatsapp. A hour later I was blocked again.

This evening I text him saying I was disappointed he disliked me so much he couldn't respond to me as a friend. So I'd stop holding any sort of contact between the two of us and disappear for good. Won't be contacting any more.

He unblocked me again on whatsapp, soon after I sent the text. Within a hour I was blocked again. No reply to my text.

I don't understand why he unblocked me. As I don't have him blocked, he can see my image and status updates, alongside my last active time, whilst keeping me blocked on his list. There was no reason to unblock me as he's unresponsive.

Why couldn't he just tell me to fxck off? For all he knows I may not even have in my contacts. I have now deleted his number and all traces of him in my phone. I just didn't understand his behavior if he's so adamant on disregarding me.


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  • f*** the stupid douche bag,u tried enough times to find out from him why..he is too much of an ass to give you a decent answer..who cares if he continues to play the block and unblock game,find a real man

  • You sound like a crazy person.Sorry but...

    You're saying "why can't he just tell me to f*ck off"...why does he have to SAY that to you.He is saying it enough through his ACTIONS. Its clear that he is an immature piece of sh*t but,Why haven't you gotten the message the many times you have reached out to him and gotten NO REPLY.Sounds like you need to take a hint.Him unblocking YOU means NOTHING.He STILL isn't communicating with you because he doesn't WANT to and he is not going to.Sorry girly,but your behavior makes you look desperate and he is probably sitting back having a laugh.Respect yourself more than this.