Was he lying to me or is he being truthful?

i recently met a nice decent guy from a dating site and we both "click" and were able to hold a conversation. He also tells me I'm a perfect 10 and a godess with a super cute face and a great body. He even gets a hard-on when he looks at me. We both have similar interests and personality as well.

The only problem is that he's slow to reply to text messages (difficut comunication when I'm not with him in person). Also he ha told me last week that he would be free near the end of the week then when the end of the week approached, he had saaiid to me that he's at home sick and that he has sore throat and fever (he told me this in a text and didn't answer his phone.

Then he wrote sorry for no message and sorry hun we can meet next week.

then I replied next week is OK and tht I hope he gets well soon, then he relied k thanks)

On our previous date he was saying where we could go next time...

(were both in ontario and the weather hasn't been stable)

-was he avoiding me?

-or did he have another date?

(he had told me that he's looking for a girlfriend)

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p.s hee also remembers details about me and what I wore on the first date


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  • You've only known him a show time and he's saying such things? Sounds like a player to me. though he could be sincere, I say give it a good long while before you go too far.

    • even just now tonight he told me he's still sick - coughing, and fever and a very bad cold...do you think he's avoiding me?

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    • he even called me hottie and was polite said sorry...

    • *shrugs* just take the compliment and be happy about that I guess. Though don't let his flattery get your panties wet or cloud your head :P time will tell for sure if he's TRULY interested.

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