I like this guy and I'm wondering if he's being serious, I need guys to answer this please..

OKay I like this one guy and he gave me his kik on wensday and today is Sunday so we have been semi texting since than me and him at school have always been playing around and when I was texting him he started to use lol in every text than it got to this convo so tell me what you think is he serious Because I really do like him this is part of the text towards the end: Him: yoo why yu be replying so late xD

Me: Because I'm faded sh*t I partied last night lol xD did you have a fun night?

Him: Sure lol I slept... it was a fun sleep

Me: Lmaoo fun sleep ha I had a fun sleep too ayeeee

Him: lol I don't even wanna know

Me: -_- what you mean you dnt wanna know lool

Him: Lol nvm

Me: mhmm I know what you ment anyways I had this dream right that I was falling and I woke up like woahhh. (I was trying to be funny)

Him: Lol weirdo

Me: Ikr lol but foreal you be on that weird stuff too lmaoo

Him: Wtf... like what? (see he stopped using lol)

Me: staring, always smiling even when I smack u, hella funny 7/5 , etc, lol its funny tho

Him: Shutup yu crazy

Me: How am I crazy ? -_- I was playing

Me: But foreal are you being serious Because I'm not

(& that was 5 hours ago and he still hasn't replied but it says on kik that both texts have been read ... what's going on in his head?) & he usually replies within 30 min or less so..


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  • he might be busy and the convo looks like its over. answer mine please


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