So I've been talking to this guy for a while.. Guys please help

So I met this guy in April and he asked for my number and I told him no because I wasn't sure I honestly couldn't stop thinking about him so a week later I added him on Facebook and messaged him to text me and we did. We hit it off really well and we texted each other non stop for a month we call each other pet names and have talked on the phone we were suppose to go on a double date but it didn't work out so we decided that I'd come to his house and watch movies and just hang out. So yesterday I drove over and we did exactly that. I was trying to lay down but it wasn't comfortable so he got a blanket so it would be but took the pillow I was laying on and I was like hey that was my pillow and he was like "nope it's mine now" so we fought for it and I ended up laying on his arm and he handed me the pillow and I was like it's fine I found a better pillow I like him better. I started to fall asleep and he reached over to mess with my nose and we play fought again and we ended up kind of holding hands but I wasn't able to because I was still laying down so he put his arm over me and put his hand on mine that was on mine that was on my stomach and I took my other hand and just held his we ended up falling a sleep for a bit. It was really nice then he had to get up and sit in a chair because of his back but every time he sat back down the chair got closer to me. We talked about a lot of course and other cute stuff happened but before I left we started wrestling a bit and he picked me up with no problem it was fun I was just scared I'd lose my grip and fall, he asked if we could hang out next Sunday and I said maybe, he had to go pick his room mate up so we walked out to our cars together and he hugged me goodbye and told me to tell him when I got home... Am I doing fine? Does he still like me? Should we hang out again?

Now he won't even text me back, he's basically ignoring me


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  • Why wouldn't you hang out again? I don't understand why you said "maybe" to next Sunday. If you had a good time and you are interestedin him, why not just say yes?

    • My parents don't really like him because of his past so it's vary secret right now, and I'm really kicking myself for just saying maybe

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