What makes a bad boy 'bad'?

I've been dating this guy and my best guy friend hates him cause apparently he's a 'bad' guy because:

- He dated multiple girls before

- Had a friends with benefits

- Arrogant

- Gone drinking with me

- And the fact that I mentioned that I can't trust him

I've only dated this guy for a good 4 months. He's been good to me, and we're still getting to know each other.

So what's your definition of a 'bad' boy?


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  • Well first of all, I just would like to say that your best guy friend also dislikes him because he's your boyfriend. More often than nought, non-gay guy friends have an interest in the girl.

    Now, on to the bad boy bit. Id say that a bad boy to me is just someone who f***s people around; cheating etc and puts himself before everyone else. Simple as that.

    If he's been good to you, then don't worry. But at the same time, listen to your friends. Theyre normally right, otherwise the phrase "i told you so" wouldn't be a thing.

    • He liked me in the past... but then he made it clear to me that we're just friends. I believed him because he's very honest and blunt like all the time... and I didn't want to lose such a close friend. But it looks like I'm losing him anyways because he's now ignoring me because I've changed :s

      I agree with you. He was once that guy, but it seems like he has changed.. yet I'm still confused.

      ...Oh boy.. I'll keep that in mind.

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  • Those alone imo don't make him a player. That just makes him a masculine guy that women have responded to. :-D

    If deceit was involved in any of those, THEN he's a player. :-P

  • He sounds like a toned down player. I believe what your friend is concerned about is the "I can't trust him" aspect of your relationship.

    Your first 3 points are concerning as well, point one without point two isn't an issue, however he has obviously had a FWB. Being arrogant isn't that great of a quality either.

    I never understood why some girls go for the guys who they can't trust when there are other guys who are equally as attractive. Guess we're just "too nice."

    • As a guy who could easily be described this way (except totally trustworthy because I'm always honest, even if other people can't know that), I can say that often the guys who think they're just as attractive...aren't. And they are generally very restrained and don't go for what they want, which is why they haven't had friends with benefits and what have you.

    • I would agree. However, some of those guys, namely me avoid the whole friend with benefit thing intentionally. I have always thought that it would to unnecessary drama and tension. I've met nice guys who have dated multiple girls and had a FWB(s) but let's be honest, once the "I can't trust him" aspect comes into play, an issue arises.

  • gina tingles say yes, reason says no. who will win?!

  • I use terms like 'bad boy', 'player' etc as compliments. I'm not as good with women as I want to be, but I'm making progress.

    Your guy friend is just envious. Instead of bitching about it, he should try to improve himself.

    • Mhmm 'bad boys' aren't always exactly 'bad' ... the good in them makes up for it in other ways

  • My definition of a bad boy, is pretty much everything that you just said. I would also add breaking the law to the list.

    • I'm guessing the good in him can't outweigh the bad?

    • No. That isn't really how good and bad work. If a man beats or cheats on his wife a few times a year, but treats her like a princess the rest of the time, the woman shouldn't ignore the bad traits, do to the good ones. He might not actually be a "bad boy" but the things you listed are some red flags that you need to watch out for. If he has dated a lot of other women, it might mean that he has commitment issues. It doesn't mean he does, but like I said, it is a red flag to watch out for.

    • I'll definitely watch out for the red flags... sometimes I'm too forgiving so I often forget about them :s

      thank you mister!

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  • An abusive type of guy he hits you has multiple girls breaks your heart and he gets into trouble with the law.

  • Arrogant

  • Your guy sounds like a 'bad boy'. The most key thing you've said is that you can't trust him. Why should you date someone you feel you can't trust?

    • To me, trust comes over time... not something to just be given. So far he didn't earn it yet.

    • Ah, that makes sense. I thought you meant, "I can't trust him," the same way that "I don't like X (something you have no opinion about)" sounds like "I dislike X."