What should I do? Should I give up?

Over a year ago,my close friend at the time *mat told me he liked me, asked me out and the whole 9 yards. I wasn't really ready for a relashionship but I still really liked him, I showed it but never really voiced it or told him how I felt. But I gave him his first kiss and really started to fall for him but weeks later he told me he liked another girl, but still preffered me over her. I couldn't talk to him for weeks, because I was so hurt by it and then never got the courage to talk to him. They ended up dating, are still dating and he's a really awesome guy so I don't think there gonna break up soon. They have the perfect relashionship so I don't really want to ruin it for him. Its been over a year since they have been together, and I've thought about him every single day of it. I don't know if I should keep doing this, if I can keep doing this, if I should forget about him (wont happen, already tried), or if I should fight for him. he's a lot more important to me than he knows and I don't feel right to tell him because of his relashionship. Once I tweeted You belong with me Lyrics by Taylor Swift and he replyed by saying "tweet that and I'll stab you" .But That was after months of us not talking. Please help !


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  • well, you should talk to him. it is possible he has fallen in love with that girl since then and won't leave her for you. but I think you should be honest with him anyway because you were the one that basically stopped everything

    • should I wait until school gets out. ? I wrote a little book about him..would it be creepy to give it to him?

    • you should talk to him when you feel it is the right moment. a book about him?hmmm, what's in it?

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