Why does my ex boyfriend keep bothering me?

Okay, we're both in high school. Last Thursday his ex hacked his messaging software and messaged me but I have a feeling it was him trying to tell me something but he can't face it from him so he has to use her to blame. He/she said things like "He hates you, he loves me" blah blah all that ****.

then she messages me off "her" account but I have a feeling it was him too! Then he messaged me saying "why you talking all this **** about me to my ex" I never did he is just looking for probloms.

The next day me and him got in a verbal fight. I found out why he wasent at school so he can hangout with his ex girlfriend somewhere else. He posted up pictures of them kissing there anniversary date and the whole package. After school he came back and we talked and we got in a fight (we are broken up) be then messaged me that night saying he was sorry for everything and he still loves me and ****.

Then the next day he starts posting more about his girlfriend. Everywhere, to make me mad. He asked me if it bothered me and I was honest and I said yes but I can't do anything since you're not my boyfriend anymore. Then the next day the "girlfriend" messages me, I still have a feeling its him and they said "did you and him ever go date?" And I said yes. Then she said "wow okay me and him are done he lied and said you never went out." And I said OK lol

She then proceeded to ask me if It hurt when he left me and stuff, she said I can have him back and I didn't care all I said was alright bye,

He then messages me saying "YOU RUINED ME AND HER!" Which I didn't. He just has to blame something on me so he can get mad say sorry and then come back to me. Then they both group messaged me and were like "**** you ***** go kill yourself" "you're worthless" "I never loved you" I still think its just him the whole time.

Then that early morning he messaged me saying just my name. I never answerd but I don't know why he just won't leave me alone. I was in love with him. He was the first boy I had sex with and he hurt me so bad and just I want to move on but he's making it impossible. What does he want!?

the whole time the girlfriend was messaging me it was him. He is so immature and I don't know what his problom is. I want to respond to his text. He saw that I read it, but I want to know what he wants and I will forgive him I just won't ever trust him again. I will forgive but I won't forget Oh and he thinks he's done NOTHING wrong. he's blaming everything on me.


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  • Stop giving him power over you. Block them both. You are too much of a woman to let them involve you in their drama. The girlfriend wants to keep bashing you, and he joins in to make her happy. You should never have gotten into a relationship with him, if you knew his ex was still in the picture. But what's done is done. Now you need to remove yourself from the scenerio.