He told me I doing all the communicating, I stop, now its a problem for him

my boyfriend broke up with me 3mths ago. I get to find out he had another woman beside me, and when it became public cause he and I works the same place and the lady comes to him and will be in his vehicle. That's when I realize that our relationship is over. Since then we communicate a little. sometimes if I call him he will say like you can't stop call me or hear my voice, I take as he said it as a joke.

But something happen I ask him why he do that to me (choose the girl over me). That's when he bring up he don't communicate with me I communicate with him and if he ain't tell me already, if I can't stop talk to him and of course if I call him obviously he will talk to me, which left me baffled by that comment. But I know that was not the case. So I told him fine from now on I won't call him nor text. The next day he sent a text messages two times in the night wanting me to talk to him, ignore it, then he message back again wanting me to call him in the morning, I ignore it again, he call me the following day I answered so he wanted to know what is wrong with me, I told him I am fine, and he keeps rattling on about I can't fool him he knows when something up with me,then he asks me more than once if I want him to get back a relationship with him so I won't stress. Didn't answer. the following night he text me again and said he will call me. He call me in the morning to tell me about some accident that took place with some people at our workplace and he was there when it happen, then he tells me about his problems with his mother, He pass by my section where I work the next day wanted to have a conversation with me and act like I don't want to talk so he take the hint and leave. A day after that he call me in the morning, I ignore it, he call back in the night again 2 times, I ignore it, he then text asking if gone sleep, I ignore it, next morning I get a call from him didn't answer he call back again I answered he wanted to know why I don't answer my phone, or if I ain't talking to him and he was calling to inquire how I was doing. I said I good he didn't believe me again then says he is coming down to see how I doing. I told him no, yet he still show up, so I told him to leave. He left. I thought that was the end of it, only to receive a text saying why I ask him to leave. obviously I ignore it, when I went to work the following day I asks him if he and someone in my section is friend cause I don't want to talk anything and somebody go call back my name. He starts to raise his voice then he told me, may we we should not communicate he say he won't call me and I should do the same. I said fine and hang up, a minute didn't pass and I receive a call from again which surprise me after what he just said. He knows I stop communicate to him so why is he still trying when he is the one saying I communicate to him and not he to me. so when I show him I can it is a problem for him. I don't understand.


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  • he's just trying to pick a fight, its not about this, it's about something else

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