Is texting him wrong?

I met this guy on an online dating site, and gave him my phone number. He instantly texted me; yet, ever since then I'm always the first one to initiate contact. I really like him but it gets annoying after awhile when I'm the first one to text him and it's been going on for a month now. I've tried not texting him for a day but always cave by the second day because I want to talk to him. I really like texting him and talking to him. Should I just talk to him without caring if I'm always the first to initiate it?


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  • Try not to initiate contact first for like a week and see if he texts you first at any point.

    This sounds like a painful situation.

    Add me if you need further help

  • agree with Calex. he might be busy or just bored of you but don't want to be impolite.

    I think you should stop texting him first for a while and see if he texts first. if he doesn't assume that this is the end of it.


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