How does one cuddle comfortably?

so, it's kind of a weird question, but how do you cuddle without someone's arm falling asleep or something? I am obviously inexperienced in this matter... but I always imagine... One thing I look forward to in a future relationship will be cuddling. It just seems sweet, but when I imagine laying with someone either in bed or whatever, if I lay on him or lean on him, wouldn't I put his arm to sleep or something? when I was little, and I'd lay on my parents' shoulders, it was bony on my head and it was hard to find a comfortable position, and my mom would always tell me her arm fell asleep.


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  • Don't worry, I had this same issue with this guy I was dating last year. (We were both inexpeirnced) The way we fixed it was just figuiring it out together lol. That might sound awkward but it was really fine, and we just turned it into a joke. in the end this is how it usually worked out:

    He puts his arm around my shoulder and I leaned into him with my head resting like on top of his shoulder flat. it was super comfterble around a couch. I am not saying to put your hand on top of his shoulder, but leaning against him kind of on top of him a little bit. I don't think I am explaining it well... just look on google. also laying down flat is the most comftorble, like at the park. you just rest your head right underneath his and its really comftorble

    Also we never figuired out the way to cuddle at the movies. when you find that answer let me know... :)

    Hope this helped!

    • haha thanks, and I will :)

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  • xDDD yah sh*t happens, just switch it up every now and then plenty of awesome cuddle positions. Trial and error will get you there, it's not like you've got a limited amound of cuddles, you can get any number of them wrong until you get it right :D


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  • spooning!