Ex giving me the silent treatment

My ex didn't break up with me directly. Used the 'not sure how I feel' and vanished.

It's been 10 days. He's not contacted me.

Two days ago he started to unblock, block, unblock block on whatsapp.

I text him the same night saying I was disappointed how he disappeared on me but I wouldn't be hanging around waiting for him.

I guess in a way that was my closure text which would kill all hope and expectation.for reconciliation.

After I had text him, again he played the unblocking game.

Since he never responded to my text and had been silent for so many days, why was it necessary to unblock then block me? If it was to check up on me, he could have done that while keeping me blocked.

The only reason how I knew I was unblocked was because I did in fact check up on him. For all he knew, I could have erased his number, therefore would have never acknowledged the unblocking.

It may seem like I'm over thinking or being over analytical but I guess it's konda bugged me. Since he's chosen to be unresponsive, he should have deleted my number the day he vanished on me.

I removed all traces of his number off my phone and am proceeding with my life.


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  • No matter how determined we may be to move on after a break-up, molst of us are still emotionally attached..and just plain curious about what the other party is doing/saying about us!

    Just as you actually DID check up on him, that's why yu know about this blocking ritual!

    • Thank you for your response.

      I know I checked up, but I also initiated contact. He's the one who ignored me so why not just reply to me?

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    • At this point, he's only curious about you and doesn't want to admit he's still in love.

      But just because he doesn't want to admit it, doesn't mean it's not true!

    • Best Answer,no:?

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