Dating/seeing each other/in a relationship....

What's the difference between these 3 things, if there is any? Is it okay for a girl to get to know other guys whilst dating/seeing someone. Why/why not?

I'd love to get guys opinions.


Sorry the three things are dating/seeing each other/being in a relationship


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  • All 3 things mean different things to different people.

    But generally, being 'in a relationship' means you have an agreement with another person that you will not "date' or 'see' anyone else while you are in said 'relationship.'

    'Dating' and 'seeing' imply a casual relationship, or one that has not reached a point where you've had a discussion of your status and decided to formally declare your status.

    'Dating' has the most 'casual' connotation, implying that you only went out with someone,possbily only once Most people would sayit's OK to 'date' more than one person at the same time.

    'Seeing' implies that you have a more serious, often sexual, relationshiip, one that has lasted for some time, and has progressed beyond just 'dating;, although not to the point that you've formally classified it, or have any mutual agreement about how you will behave.

    Most peope wouldn't counteance 'seeing' more than one person at a time..

    • Okay so, as a man, if you we're seeing someone but had not said to the other person you want a relationship. Been seeing them for 9 months. Would you also expect them not to date/see anyone else?

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    • How about a best answer, Lisa?

    • Hey thanks!

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  • get to know meaning as a friend or as potentially as more than a friend?

    It's fine making friends of the opposite while you are in a relationship. gender shouldn't really preclude you from making friends


    If you are trying to make friends for purposes beyond just friendship than what you are doing is wrong and essentially a form of cheating

    • Getting to know someone else/other people as more than friends whilst dating/seeing someone else.

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    • well if you like him and don't plan on acting on it then why would you want to consider other people? If he said that you shouldn't see other people does that mean that he wants to be exclusive? it sort of sounds like it, w/o saying it specifically

    • I plan to act on it. I just think its unreasonable to expect me not to think about dating other people if he is not committing to me.

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