Is Dating A Co-worker at work or Bad Or Good??

So question is- I been talking to this guy for about 2 months now. And yesterday is when we hooked up and now together. But my problem is that he is 10 years older then me, and I'm only 21 and I never been with a older guy before, only slept with one but not actually dating. So my thing is- it a good Idea, I mean him and I get alone grate and he so super sweet, and nice to me. But he is also one I met at work- I mean Yes! We are really good friend's of each other, but if any-one know what I'm doing is good or bad thing please help?

thanks :)


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  • As long as you're mature about it and you draw the line between what's personal and professional. Get ready to be the topic of work gossip too! Enjoy the attention! Unless...its clearly stated in company policy that it's forbidden.Who knows? You may be the Jim and Pam of your office! lol

    Personally, I rather not do it unless you're both mature and serious together because if it goes sideways...your work reputation might be screwed if it ends in drama when the business environment may be affected especially if you two work closely together on a day to day basis. Also, you can't really hook up with anyone else after that or else people may see as the person who uses work as your dating playground. Some people may get ticked off to say the least...

    But then again...what do I know? In my office there's 2 married couples and 4 office romances that blossomed under the 4 years I've been here. There's something in the water in my office that maybe I should!


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  • Yeah, I don't date people I work with. It can get really stupid really fast.

  • Both of my exes have been coworkers. I like getting to know someone at work first instead of trying to date random people. For some people, yes it is a bad idea. You both just need to be mature enough to not let dating or even a break up interfere with your work.

    • Yes that true, but is it weird that he's 32 and I'm 21?

    • I don't think so, but I've always dated older guys. If you get along then that's what important. Or if you think it's weird and that bothers you then maybe you need to think about it.

    • That true- we hang out each other like all the time's and get alone really well. But maybe my thing is that I never dated some-one that old be4, and I'm still getting use to it. :p but thanks girl :)-

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