At what point does dating become "serious"?

I've been talking to this guy for three months now and we've been actually seeing each other for about a month. He lives far away yet we manage to talk practically every single day. He traveled 3+ hours each way to visit me for a weekend while I was at school, and then again at home on his way to somewhere else. I'm planning on visiting him in a little over a week and stay the weekend with him. We're definitely a "thing" and have openly admitted that we like each other, but have not declared ourselves "exclusive" or "official." I know I need to have this talk with him but I'm extremely nervous and don't want to push anything onto him. I'm also worried about the possibility of him wanting nothing more than a casual relationship (cause that has happened to me in the past) and getting hurt by it. On the other hand, he SHOWS that he cares about me as more than just a potential sex partner or hookup. How should I go about bringing this up to him?


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  • When you stop being lovey dovey to be honest