Am I gone be in the wrong if I breakup with this girl? Help guys

I'm 22 and I started dating this girl months ago that is 18. It's not what it seems all cracked up to be. I plan to breakup with her in time for the summer. Last year before I met her she a dramatic female now that we are dating she act like a changed female. I really dislike a female who fake personalities. She live with me and its becoming boring because there are much less things to do with her because of her age. She only know how to cook certain things and conversation is dead. She only gives me her money she's not in college even though she graduated high school last year...I had to help her get license because she failed it 6 times but passed the test on the 7th time. Then I had to go help her find a car. I have to still drive her most places still because she's unable to drive well. I'm not complaining she isn't focused on her life unless you ask her. After this I would like a woman.


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  • If you are not happy in a relationship then its okay to break up. It's worse leading her on when you obviously do not even like her.


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